måndag, september 25, 2006

Two parties looking for a leader

Two of Europe's social democratic parties are right now involved in serious debates on the successor of dominant leaders.

In my own country, the debate has grown even bigger since the favourite in the first speculations, EU commissioner Margot Wallström, has chosen not to stand. This is a great relief for all of us who fears the policies of the present strongly right-wing dominated commission and don't want to see Carl Bildt taking Wallström's seat as would probably be the consequence of her standing down now.

The most discussed candidates right now seem to be the LO (TUC) chair Wanja Lundby-Wedin and the former ministers Mona Sahlin, Carin Jämtin and Ulrika Messing. It seems like a vast majority in the party wants to see a woman as a leader after 117 years with male leaders.

In the UK, interesting debates seem to be at hand as Blair is finally on his way out. Gordon Brown is the favourite as leader, even though he will not be uncontested. The debate on who will be he deputy leader is more interesting as candidates seem to appear with a clear pro-union, pro-Swedish model stand.

Today, Gordon Brown speaks to the Labour conference. The Daily will definately cover the events.

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