fredag, september 01, 2006

Too much "proud", too less "but not satisfied"

Today, we recieve the second poll in a row that shows a break in the Social Democrat recovery. We loose 4,9 per cent in the Ruab poll, which put us on 35,5 per cent. And no decrease is seen on the amount of uncertain voters.

This is very very serious. It is not impossible to take these votes back but time works against us right now. We all need to intensify our efforts. The right wing alliance is a threat to equality, solidarity and to the Swedish model.

I do share much of the PR consultant Henrik Westander's analysis of August 28th: "The party (i.e. Persson) has chosen not to focus on jobs and the party (i.e. Persson) has hard-launched Göran Persson as its only important representative". But I would put it another way - it has been too much of being "proud" of what we've achieved and too less of "but not satisfied" with society as it is.

The unemployment issue is the core issue here. It's simply not enough to say that "the jobs are coming". Sure, we face an economic boost and a dramatic decrease in unemployment. But voters don't want politicians to sit down and wait for the jobs to come. They want active measures to get new jobs.

The right-wing alliance's receipe for jobs is not working. But they have a policy. The social democratic policy, as it is presented, is to wait for the jobs to come. We loose that debate every day by simply being on the defensive, by not presenting a program for jobs.

My advice for the party leadership to avoid a disaster on September 17th is to change tone and focus on the issue of unemployment. Stop trying to convince voters that the jobs will come by themselves. Add up the proposals you've already made, on elder care, pre-school, jobs for disabled, more public money for R&D etc, and add one or two more good ideas. Tell voters what the next step on the way to full employment looks like.

Göran Persson, you have already said that 3 per cent unemployment is on its way. Tell us how you, with actice political measures, want to achive this. I love to tell voters at the doorstep that we want to "fight unemployment, not the unemployed". But I want a policy to fight unemployment to put in the voter's hand. Can you please give me that?

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