onsdag, september 13, 2006

Plymouth Brethren campaigning for Alliance victory

The blogger Hell-man have been chasing Nordas Sverige, a company campaigning for the right-wing Alliance, for quite a long time now. Today, Aftonbladet reveals the secret - the extreme religous group called the Plymouth Brethren are spending millions investing in an Alliance victory.

The Brethren have paid for ads in some of Sweden's biggest newspapers, they have done direct marketing in mailboxes in many parts of Sweden, they have been leafleting and put flyers on cars in many places. Among other things, the flyers say that thousands of Swedes die every year due to mistreatments in hospitals.

Aftonbladet have tracked the company that the Brethren money is channelled through - Nordas LTD - to the backstreets of Knowlsley Industrial Park in Liverpool. One of the founders, Maxwell Kevin Haughton, have been tracked down by Aftonbladet but he refuses to answer to why a British company spends millions on a Swedish election.

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Idiot/Savant sa...

Any chance of an English translation of the Aftonbladet story? The reason I'm asking is that the Brethren (or Exclusive Brethren as they're known here) have been intervening in elections in other parts of the world as well - and almost tipped the balance in last year's New Zealand election with a very expensive anonymous smear campaign against the left-wing parties. People here are now quite interested in what else they're getting up to, and why a church which thinks voting is evil is waging what seems to be a worldwide political campaign...

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beepbeepitsme sa...

Hello Peter, from Australia. :)

Anonym sa...