fredag, augusti 11, 2006

Joe Lieberman - a Republican stalker

Even though I really should concentrate on Swedish politics right now, I just have to make a short comment on the Daily Show programme that you can find at The Daily. It's about the sensational loss of former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, caused by Democratic voters detest of the Lieberman-supported war on Iraq.

After having lost the election for being the Democratic nominee for the US Senate in Connecticut, Lieberman declared that there will be a second race. He will run as an independent. The show talks about Lieberman as a stalker - when people say they've had enough of you, you still want to date Tuesday. V funny.

As Daraka mentions, there are possibilities Lieberman now will be supported by the Republicans.

That's the way it goes, folks. Right-wingers in left-wing parties who don't listen to their base go ahead supporting right-wing policies and politicans. Eventually people get fed up and throw the right-wingers out. Then they show their real colours. We could all learn one or two lessons from that.

Read Daily Kos for a very interesting piece on the implications for the US elections in November. People are fed up with the war, even in the US.

Neo-conservatism is on it's way out, let's make sure Social Democracy is on its way in!

Update: Joe Trippi, who was the man behind Howard Dean's presidential campaign, writes on Lieberman's loss in The Guardian with the title Power to the people - read it!

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A sa...

I really don’t want to rain on your death-to-Joe-Lieberman-and-everyone-who-supports-Bush-or-the-War-parade, but:

We’re discussing a Democratic primary in the bluest of all blue states. That is, Joe Lieberman’s loss in Connecticut’s democratic primary isn’t exactly "sensational" as you’d have it. Mind you, he lost by 3.6 percent in a vote involving only the 15 % (or so) most leftist, most anti-Bush, most anti-war voters in, like, the entire U.S. of A. Even so, I’m not sorry that he lost – but let’s not kid ourselves. Lieberman’s loss in the Connecticut Democratic primary is REALLY not that significant or that important on a national level. And further, at this moment, there is nothing to say that Old Joe won’t bounce back and actually win the three-way race against Lamont and Schlesinger, come November. He’s got loyal donors all over the Union and lot of loyal people all over the State who are ready to pitch in.

Anyway, you’ve got a nice blog going. Best,

A sa...

BTW (however very much on topic) My Left Nutmeg has the results of the first post-primary poll in Connecticut (courtesy of pollster Rasmussen):

Lieberman 46%
Lamont 41%
Schlesinger 6%


A sa...

On a completely different note (but still very much on topic) Matt Bai writes up Lieberman’s defeat in the Connecticut Democratic primary as a significant “first” of a left-liberal revolution in Democratic politics, an important development to watch in anticipation of the November vote and with portent national implications for the looming Election ’08 no less.



Peter Gustavsson sa...

Thanks A! I especially liked this part, that seems to summarize the contemporary development among "baby boomers" in the US in a nutshell:

"After the ''stolen'' election of 2000 and the subsequent loss of House and Senate seats in 2004, these Democrats felt duped. If triangulation wasn't a winning strategy, they asked, why were they ever asked to tolerate it in the first place? The Web gave them a place to share their frustrations, and Howard Dean gave them an icon."

I also agree on the conclusions in the article - it's not enough to simply be against something, you have to have your own vision. How about social democracy in the US?

A sa...

Joe W Lieberbush?
The good people over at TPM now write that it seems like none other than G.W.B. himself perhaps will endorse Lieberman.