torsdag, maj 04, 2006

"The answer again, I'm afraid, is that old nosepeg"

Tens of millions of Brits go to the polls today, voting in local elections. The last months has been terrible for the Labour Government, with scandal ofter scandal facing it. This is expected to be seen in the polls today, with people punishing Blair through letting Tories and Liberal Democrats in. Polly Toynbee's comment in the Guardian is a good read as usual, and the end is as follows:
Labour MPs tremble at losing yet another great swath of council seats: local parties soon die without councillors, leaving few foot soldiers at the next election confronting armies of enemy councillors in every ward. So Labour supporters tempted to give Tony Blair a bloody nose by letting Tories in might consider the damage it may do in the long term. Emailers ask angrily how else they can express their fury. The answer again, I'm afraid, is that old nosepeg. Don't use good local Labour councillors to get your revenge on the PM. His MPs look determined to see him off this time, roughly if need be, should he be foolish enough not to go soon.
That old nosepeg, that is the saying used in last years' general election - "I'm voting Labour with a peg on my nose" (Jag röstar Labour med en klädnypa för näsan). As I said then, Labour won despite of Blair and not because of him. Voters want good policies, but they also want a government that they trust and that can deliver visions for a better society.

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Matthew sa...

If only more people had had nosepegs, we may have done better. Speaking as a candidate who lost quite heavily, Labour is seriouis trouble if there is not a change of direction. People are obviously totally fed up with Blair and want him gone as soon as possible, but its not a personality problem, its a policy problem. It doesnt have to be too much of a shift to the left, just a shift away from liberalism and to social democracy would be a start!