lördag, januari 05, 2008

Why the US needs John Edwards

Daraka Larimore Hall, a personal friend of mine living in Santa Barbara, California, has written an extremely interesting piece on why he supports John Edwards for president.

He supports the Edwards campaign - the anti-Ronald Reagan campaign - even though he has campaigned for Barack Obama and sees the winner in the Iowa Democratic caucus as "on the short list of my heroes". Anyone interested in progressive politics just has to read Daraka's article.

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Grant sa...

Well, too bad for you dear Daraka. John Edwards just bent over to his right wing man Obama at the WMUR debate in New Hampshire and, dear Daraka, Edwards took it in the ass. With the integrity of a crack whore Edwards did yeoman’s work for Obama, trying to kill off Clinton.

Unfortunately for them both she’s one tough lady; she came out swinging and cowed them both into silence. We’ll see if the NH voters buy into Edwards’ and Obama’s little boy club stunt. The Granite Staters are fiercely independent so my guess would be – no. The momentum of Obama is now slowed to a crawl and he better get his act together if he’s to live through February 5.

Edwards is dead in the water anyhow, so you have better get real. Support the unions and the women and back Clinton before the gay-bashing, vote-ducking, Republican-lite Obama wants you to bend over too.