torsdag, december 22, 2005

US unions alive and kicking

The three-day transit strike that made New York public transport stand still is now over. The employers' proposal on forcing the workers to pay 4 more percent of their wages in pension fees is fought down, and a final agreement will be negotiated the coming weeks. Read more on the Transport Workers Union Local 100 website.

The Swedish translation of the No 1 US union song, Solidarity Forever, says that if the worker wants, he can stop all the trains. Now New York transit workers has done all that, and New Yorkers has accepted that and blamed the Metropolitan Transport Authority for cutting down on pensions for the small guy. This strike shows everyone that American unions are not dead. The union busting laws that where introduced by Reagan is an enormous threat to American unions, but now the TWU took the risks of being fined to bankruptcy or for its leaders to be jailed to stand the fight. US unions are alive and kicking.

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