torsdag, februari 15, 2007

Social Democrats against Merkel's Constitution?

Yesterday's Social Democratic Foreign Policy Declaration (in Swedish here, in English here) is very interesting reading in many aspects. It's a start of a process where a party no longer in power looks for a new position in foreign policy based less on state interest and more on the values of the labour movement and of a broad spectrum of NGOs and political activists.

Even though the text states that the EU Constitution that was the rejected by the Dutch and French peoples was a good one, it also says the following:
The German chairmanship has now renewed negotiations on a constitutional treaty. A new mini-treaty worked out, without insight, between sherpas in a quick process does nothing to convey positive signals about support and involvement.

This new policy means that the Social Democrats accually is critizing the process that is about to lead to a new EU Constitution. As things develop, this may put us in the situation that the Government supports a Berlin Declaration on a Constitution Light while the opposition is united against it.

This unification of the red-green parties on EU issues could open up for the parties to close up to each other even more. In front of the next election the three parties can find a historic agreement that Sweden should stay as a member of the EU but that we want power to stay where democracy is strongest.

The Foreign Policy Declaration is also interesting of other reasons. Look as this text on Palestine:
We hope that a Palestinian coalition government will succeed in uniting the Palestinians for a constructive development. The outside world should cooperate with a legitimate coalition government for peace, development and stability.

This text is mostly interesting what what it doesn't say - it doesn't demand Hamas' recognition of Israel. The Swedish Social Democrats want to break the isolation of the Palestinian government.

The Social Democratic Foreign Policy Declaration is a historic document in itself. The process that it is a part of is even more interesting.

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