fredag, juli 21, 2006

No one is safe in a neo conservative world

Today Israeli ground troops invaded Lebanon. At the same time, reports are telling us that 100 people a day die in Iraq.

Obviously, the US and Israeli governments treat other countries like squares on a chess table - no matter if they practice democratic elections or not. They use their superior military power to force their interests on the rest of the world. The British government provides good help in this permanent "War on Terror", aiming for a neo conservative world, a Pax Americana.

The neo conservative argumentation is adapted to the situation. Sometimes they say they fight for democracy and human rights while they sometimes force through boycotts on democratically elected governments. They say that they want to get rid of weapons of mass destruction while they really just want to monopolise the WMD:s for themselves. And they have no respect for human, civilian lives of those who come in the way of their warfare.

Israel is now at war with the only two of their neighbours who have governments elected in free and fair elections - Palestine and Lebanon. More than ten years of rebuilding of Lebanon after the last war Israel caused the country has been destryed during a week of massive bombing. People die by the minute, and the UN can't do nothing as Bush and Bliar veto any resolution.

It's time to put an end to the permanent war. It's time to put an end to neo conservatism. An important step is to avoid giving loonies as Fredrick Federley any power by voting against the right-wing alliance in the coming Swedish general election.

By the way, read Robert Fisk's amazing report from Beirut. In Swedish here, English readers can find it in The Independent.

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