fredag, april 14, 2006

Stockholm Network vs. Swedish Model

When I was a small child, I used to play the "opposite-game" (tvärtomleken). If you wanted to say something, you said the opposite. As I grew, I quit playing it but continued using a refined form called irony.

Take a look at the Stockholm Network. It's aggressively anti-market, aggressively anti-Swedish Model and clearly very very UK-based. Its office is in Islington, London and the description of its staff doesn't send very Swedish signals to me. 17 of its member organisations are based in the UK while only 3 are Swedish - Timbro, Ratio and Eudoxa (the latter of which I have never heard of before).

Still they take the name "The Stockholm Network", that signals something different. It sounds a bit like like the 30's "Stockholm School" of Social Democrats and Liberals who wanted something else than the laissez-faire capitalism that had only given unemployment, social unrest and negative growth.

It seems like this Stockholm Network is just an organisation of 110 neo-liberal think-tanks in Europe who spend their time attacking Sweden and its social model. We must be quite extraordinary a country if so many people have to spend so much money from corporate profits all over Europe to fight what we stand for.

Let's take the fight for the Swedish Model. Right-wingers in Sweden and in Europe want to get rid of it, but Swedish voters like the model and their criticism is mostly that it's not strong enough after the 1990's cutbacks. It's time to make sure Sweden votes for the Swedish Model September 17th!

4 kommentarer:

fredrik sa...

Jag antar aqtt du sett att Daraka har utmanat (bland annat) dig?

daraka kenric sa...

hey, check in with hoverbike, you are being summoned...and challenged!

McGregor sa...

The right-wing have taken on the lesson of big corporations. If your business is bad for society, spin that you are "socially responsible". If you are a right wing party that wants to attack the welfare state, pretend you are copying Sweden in some way.

The amazing thing is that in the UK right now, think tanks that want to bring the private sector into our schools use Sweden as a model. People that want to raise the retirement age say, well thats what Sweden did in the 90s. Its incredible.

The label of Swedish Model is whatever people want it to be at the moment.

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